Fikile Bengu Senior Primary School Visit

Fikile Bengu learners with the curator
Fikile Bengu learners with the curator

An excited group of 56 learners in grades 5 &6 and their teachers from the Fikile Bengu Senior Primary School, Mdantsane (East London) arrived in Port Alfred on Thursday. After a boat trip up the river they visited the Vintage Car Museum, and discovered something of the history of the town at the Kowie Museum. Amongst other things it was interesting to see the shrapnel cannon and they were fascinated by a very large stick insect, scorpion and tarantula, and the collection of egg cups. They learnt that this is the Ndlambe district, named after a Xhosa chief and enjoyed exploring the old station grounds. Well done to the teachers who organized this educational outing!

Learners with Xhosa model
Five friends
Interesting insects