Kowie Museum “Bins” Project

Bins image
Examples of bins painted for Kowie Museum

Bins for Heritage Day
We want to add to the attraction of Port Alfred and to control litter, so we asked our friends to paint nineteen large bins in bright colours to mark Heritage Day 2018. Sunshine Juice donated the bins and we handed them out to schools, art clubs and individual artists to decorate in a “Heritage” theme.

The results have been outstanding! Cheerful, original and varied, they reflect the people of South Africa, typical activities, environmental and social issues, historic buildings, and more.

We would like people and businesses to buy the bins to use for rubbish and to brighten up their premises and the town. Jeremy Maclachlan will auction the bins on 20 September at “Harry Bs”, upstairs at the Ski-boat Club. It promises to be a fun event.

Join us for a social occasion so that you can have a good time and make a difference to our town. Please diarise the date!

More bins!
More bins for auction!