Our Bridges

Port Alfred’s Kowie River sports three interesting or historic bridges.

Putt Bridge permanently connected the Kowie’s East bank with the West for the first time and was the first reinforced concrete bridge in South Africa. It was completed in 1907 and named after Henry Putt, the mayor, and for 26 years Railway manager of Port Alfred.

The quaint Sister Peters’ Bridge, repaired in the 1930s, spans the entrance to the Kidds Beach lagoon and was named after a local midwife who raised funds for its restoration and she apparently used it regularly.

The beloved ‘Coathanger’, the Nico Malan Bridge on the R72, was built in 1972 as part of the construction of the R72 between Port Elizabeth and East London. The bridge has enjoyed glory moments of illumination in years past, especially over Christmas.  At those times it was believed to be the only illuminated bridge in the country. The Nico Malan Bridge has a length of 0.19 kilometres.