The Kowie Museum is housed in the old Port Alfred railway station dating from 1884/5.

Built of dressed stone and preserved virtually unchanged, this grand old lady is worth a visit.

The Waiting Room, Ticket Office and other rooms are well signposted, the rails are still intact and the platform signage has been preserved.

Efforts to replace the roof are currently a priority. Inside the museum, one can learn about the history of this branch line, of the original steam engines which were replaced by diesel engines a hundred years later, and of the eventual discontinuation of the railway.

A model of the Port Alfred station and numerous pieces of memorabilia are on display.

The story of the Blaauwkrantz Bridge disaster in 1911 is available in a booklet for sale.

Many visitors to the Kowie remember coming on holiday by train and arriving at this station.

One feels a definite sense of days gone by as one stands on the platform.