Tools & Equipment

The Kowie Museum houses an assortment of old lathes and other carpentry, building, and gardening tools.

An old fishing gaff and a flensing knife used to cut the blubber of whales are evidence of past interests.

There is quite a collection of kitchen utensils for cooking, baking, butter and candle making, and household items from days gone by. (Further items such as these are to be found in the Bathurst Agricultural Museum.)

There is also an interesting collection of “Hamilton” bottles with a pointed end, bottles with a marble in the neck, old beer bottles, ink bottles, milk bottles and an Oros bottle from the 1930s. 

A cabinet of pharmaceutical bottles which are over 100 years old, and which reputedly once belonged to Dr William Guybon Atherstone, famous for being the first to use anaesthetics in the Cape Colony, is worth seeing.